Don’t f*ck with the mouse

Don’t let Microsoft Update or Windows Update install the Ideacom Technology – Input – HID Touch Screen (PS/2) driver on your PC. If you do, it will replace your mouse driver and your mouse will not work.

This update is offered as Optional but there is no indication of what it will do to a PC that doesn’t have a touch screen that uses this driver. To avoid seeing it in the future, right-click on the update and choose “Hide Update”.

If you have installed this update and your system is hosed then bad luck. You will need to find out how to drive Windows without a mouse. Try the following keystrokes to get you to Driver Manager:

Ctrl+Esc: Same as clicking the Windows Start button (bottom left corner of your screen)

Alt+Tab: this will let you choose which window or application you want to control from the keyboard

Tab: this will let you choose which button or input field you want to control

Enter: this will click the default button

Space: this will select and deselect a check box

Alt+letter: this will click the button which has ‘letter’ underlined. i.e. If you press Alt and you see an underscore under the letter N on the button you want to press, then press N while keeping the Alt key pressed.

Use these keystrokes to uninstall the touchscreen driver. If you are offered the chance to delete the driver then accept it gratefully.

Good luck.

p.s. The name of this post comes from a popular saying about Disney Corp. I can’t find any attribution for this phrase and it’s not as common on Google as I would have guessed. Any idea who first said it?


2 Responses to “Don’t f*ck with the mouse”

  1. 1 Patrick January 15, 2009 at 11:38

    Yes, I cant believe that MS let this go unchecked. I mean I spend my time constantly telling people to make sure they use windows update as a routine, so as to avoid all manner of catastrophes and then this happens??!!. Possibly the worst thing an update could do is kill the mouse function.

    For those still struggling with a workaround, then try this:

  2. 2 Stephen January 14, 2009 at 21:36

    Absolutely correct in all respects, Dominic.

    Another FUBAR from Microsoft. I hope they fix it soon, because it is costing an ungodly amount of man-hours and aggravation. They should be sued.

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