Social data flow in action

OK, I’ve seen a few things online recently that amused me and I’d like to share them. I don’t want to add them to because that’s what I use for links I need to find again someday. These are things I’ve seen and enjoyed but they are gone. For me they are yesterday’s newspaper. But you may not have seen them and I think you should.

So I’ve decided to add them to Tumblr. Easy. Tumblr is a great tool for doing this, it makes it easy to add videos, links, pictures, anything. I am very happy with this choice.

But this has now repurposed Tumblr in my social data flow from an output device to a content provider. Before, it just used to receive my status updates and micro blogs. Now it is the place where I link to things that have amused me.

Here’s how I needed to reconfigure my social data flow:

1. Add Tumblr to my aggregators. Now my Tumblr posts will appear in my All Activity feed.

2. Remove Tumblr from my syndication list. Now Tumblr will not receive my status updates or micro blogs. This is important because otherwise these updates would appear twice in my All Activity feed.

3. Er…

4. That’s it.



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