I like The Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series because it contains everything I want to know about philosophy, politics, economics and history at exactly the right level of detail for me. No doubt there are factual errors since it is the work of one man, a man whose politics I largely disagree with, but it’s a good resource for plugging those annoying gaps in your knowledge. I dropped History as a school subject at the first opportunity because I hated essay-writing (due to being left-handed I think), so I’m coming from a long way back in my knowledge of the subject. My most influential text to date was written by Sellar and Yeatman.

Another idiosyncratic site I stumbled upon last week is ludgatecircus.com – a City notebook. This is a labour of love (and hate) for its author who has catalogued pretty much every street in EC4 along with their significant buildings, coffee shops and pubs. If you work in the area it’s essential reading. If you like beer, architecture, local history and coffee as much as I do, it’s a treasure trove.

Kelley Ross writes about the whole sweep of philosophy and history while Ian G writes about one specific postcode but I like both sites for the same reasons. Readable writing, the right level of detail and strongly held opinions.


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