Things I don’t understand about wireless

I can’t get decent 802.11x wireless reception in my house, even with base stations on each floor. Nor can Malcolm. Nor can David Pescovitz. I can’t get a baby monitor to work reliably unless I position it outside the baby’s room in which case it’s kind of redundant.

But my DECT phone handsets work fine anywhere in the house from a single base station. They work in the garden and half way down the street (not that I walk down the street talking on the phone very often but I sometimes take a handset round to a neighbour’s house and it works fine).

Looks like the Philips DECT baby monitor is available in the UK, so I’m quite excited about that although it is quite pricey.

Can somebody please explain why DECT works so well compared to other technologies? And if there is a technical reason why DECT is better, why can’t somebody produce an 802.11x over DECT network?


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