Lesser-known blogs

There is another lesser-known blog I want to write about, but the latest post has started a train of research that I haven’t finished following up yet. I have a day job…

I note that Fimoculous has published a list of 30 lesser-known blogs that he recommends. I have added this list to my del.icio.us links with a tag of NewTailBlog.

Which leads me to the suggestion that, if you are following Confused of Calcutta’s idea of tagging your “minor” blog recommendations with the NewTailBlog tag, you should also link to them in del.icio.us (or your favourite link aggregator) with the same tag. I have done so with my two recommendations so far.


1 Response to “Lesser-known blogs”

  1. 1 Dominic Sayers December 5, 2006 at 09:50

    Looks like Technorati is screwed again. I used ping-o-matic to let it know about this post and it’s removed all the NewTailBlog posts except the ones where I used ping-o-matic. Including everybody else’s. Bah.

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