Frequently-updated sites I recommend because they don’t get the attention they deserve

That’s a long-winded way of saying “obscure blogs I read”, but in fact many of the feeds I consume come from sites that aren’t strictly blogs. It’s a matter of complete indifference to me how the content is produced. If it has a feed and I am interested in getting the new stuff then I add it to my aggregator. What’s a blog? Don’t care.

So, Confused of Calcutta has suggested that people who do blog should recommend other sites that don’t get the attention they deserve. If you are interested in some good reading that is outside the Technorati A-list then check out my blog roll. All these sites have passed my personal litmus test of quality, and I shrink from including A-listers because they don’t really need my link and I’m not a sheep kind of person. More of a goat really.

I’ll start with ones that I read just for enjoyment. Here’s one: Emma Kennedy (feed). A slightly obscure but rapidly emerging British actress and writer with a handful of TV appearances to her name. She’s had a tough year in her personal life but her career is taking off so it’s an interesting read. But mostly read it for the episodes featuring Hysterical Mum Brenda and Welsh Dad Tony.

The first !


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