Faceless corporations

Can I say at the outset that I did a dumb thing. I take full responsibility for doing a dumb thing. The dumb thing was done by me, not to me.

What I did was to swap my defective mobile handset for a new one. The new one is lovely and shiny and all the buttons work, which was the point of the exercise. But the old one had a 1GB storage card in it that cost me quite a lot of money.

I’m not too too concerned with the contents of the card. As far as I know there are no incriminating photos of me or my loved ones on it. Or my pets. Plenty of photos of my pets but no incriminating ones. I hope.

So with little expectation of satisfaction I called Orange to see if they could trace it for me and possibly return my card. I got through to a Customer Services person quite quickly for a change and this raised my hopes just a little. Fatally, because they were dashed almost instantly by the robot on the other end of the line.

Not only couldn’t they trace my storage card, they also said it was now their property. I asked them on what grounds they believed it was their property but there was nothing in the robot’s script for this so she just repeated the statement.

I hope I’m past getting angry at faceless corporations represented by anonymous telephone operatives, but it’s difficult. Sometimes it feels like their business processes are designed deliberately to make the customer feel powerless, frustrated and alienated. The arrogance of a corporation that can say, with a straight face, that your property belongs to them because it is in their possession is astonishing.

What’s the answer. Should I change my mobile phone operator? Are any of the others any different? Of course not. Should I take out some sort of legal action to recover my property? I would quickly use of £250 worth of my time and it probably wouldn’t get anywhere.

I tried www.orangesucks.com but it’s just a cybersquatter. Dead end. Pah.


1 Response to “Faceless corporations”

  1. 1 Alan Hill January 29, 2007 at 14:25

    I found your site looking for Orangesucks.

    Having just experienced the Orange robots (“the conversation is not logged in my computor therefore it did not place”) it was some consolation to know that I’m not alone.They also don’t answer letters.

    Did you find any way of making progress with them ?


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