Anti-establishment orthodoxy

If the establishment is sufficiently unpopular, a significant number of people will oppose it. They may oppose it for fundamentally different reasons but there is a tendency for the antis to gather together under the same flag.

Perhaps this explains the prevalence of two-party systems in mature democracies, but it equally applies to the Apple-can-do-no-wrong school of anti-Microsoftism.

The Mac OS X user interface is flawed. Apple’s corporate policies are increasingly tarnished. But for many opponents of the Microsoft monopoly, it is enough that they are different.

Is it possible for us to oppose what is wrong without compromising what we say we believe is right? Don’t we lose power if we fight separately instead of together?

Maybe not. We can all voice our opinions with global reach now. Anybody can read this. I don’t have to use anybody else’s platform to have my say.

The herd instinct (maybe that should be troupe instinct since we are primates) means that there will always be an anti-establishment orthodoxy. But that’s no different to goths or other adolescents who know they want to stand against something but don’t want the sense of vulnerability that goes along with being truly individual.


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