Re: More delays

From the “you couldn’t make it up” department.

Having waited an hour and a half for Mr Bush to depart on Air Force One,
they finally bussed us out to the waiting plane and got us seated. Time to
go home. Hurrah!

Of course it wasn’t.

Now we are sitting here waiting for the de-icer. Deja vu etc. The captain
has announced it will be at least an hour’s wait, which makes the Heathrow
de-icers look positively efficient. Maybe there is only one de-icer in the
whole of northern Europe.

Leaving aside the question of why they couldn’t get on with the de-icing
while we were comfortably sitting in the lounge with a cold beer, why don’t
they have heated flaps on these planes? Surely it would be cheaper to switch
on the heaters for a few minutes than to pay the airport facility fee?

Too simple, probably. Oh no, I sound like the Daily Mail.


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