Syndicated cricket scores

I promised a consumer review of the syndicated cricket scores from the ECB site. So here it is.

Yes, I will continue to use this service. Sometimes you just can’t keep Cricinfo open on your desktop because you haven’t got the real estate. And those java desktop scoreboxes that the BBC and Channel 4 do are so far behind play that they are practically useless.

But I wish they had done it better. One piece of news in reality replaces another – if I know it’s 212-4 now, I don’t really need to know it was 197-4 fifteen minutes ago. So there’s no need to create a new “story” for every update like the ECB feed does.

I don’t know if the version of RSS they are using supports the idea of updating a story, but surely this would be better than publishing a new one every time the score changes.

I would do it like this: at the start of the innings I would publish a new story. Then I would “correct” that story every time the score changes. When a wicket falls or there is a break in play then I would start a new story.

That way, all you see in your aggregator is (1) the latest score, (2) the lunchtime score (for example) and (3) the fall of wickets.

This would be truly useful.


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