Reuse windows for launching shortcuts

Why in the name of whatever would anybody want to reuse an Internet Explorer window that was already open when they clicked on a link in (say) another document?

I remember when Windows 95 came out it opened a new window whenever you clicked on an icon in a window. I changed the default for myself back in 1994 and now the default is to reuse Explorer windows exactly as it should have been in the first place. Good.

But the opposite should be true for Internet Explorer, although it’s hard to say why. I think it’s because an Explorer window is a navigation window and you only want one instance of a navigation tool otherwise it gets confusing.

An Internet Explorer window, on the other hand, is a document window. And there should be one window per document. And that vital information in the document shouldn’t get wiped out just because you clicked on a button or something that happened (maybe without announcing the fact) to launch a hyperlink. I mean let’s say you were half way through reading this when something else got your attention. I don’t know, let’s say a new email arrives with a tempting offer to enlarge your penis. You click on the shiny button and lo! this blog disappears to be replaced with an even more tempting morsel. You might never get to finish this article.

One of the first things I do when I get a new Windows account is to change this behaviour of Internet Explorer.

I believe the default behaviour should be to NOT reuse the IE window for new links.


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