Compulsive Behaviour In Lifts II

Is this compulsive or just really, really stupid? Doesn’t matter.

What gets my goat is people who hide round the corner in lifts. You press the button to summon the lift. It arrives. The doors open. It’s empty and you start to step in. Then…from round the corner near the buttons appears the previous occupant of the lift. Where was he hiding? Did he have to press himself into the corner to make the lift appear empty?

Is he doing it just to mess with my head? I mean, when I’m in a lift waiting for it to arrive at my floor, I stand near the crack of the doors waiting for them to open. It wouldn’t occur to me to wait in the corner near the aforementioned buttons. Wait until the doors were fully open. Then, and only then, make my move toward the exit.

Unless I really wanted body contact.


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