Easy mobile photo blogging

If you’re not familiar with the sociological thinking of Lore Sjöberg you should check out the latest version of his master work.

Somewhere in between “Erotic Fanfic Writers” and “Trekkies Who Speak Klingon” should be “The IT Department”, people who are excited not by doing something but finding out how to do it.

Me, I was excited when I found out that I could post blog entries from my Blackberry. Not because I had anything to say, just because I could do it. Today my excitement knew no bounds when I discovered I could upload photos straight from my cameraphone to my photo site and my blog.

If there is a serious point, it is this: camera phones are a security risk. Camera + email + personal online storage means we are all walking Outside Broadcast units.

Geek note: check out www.flickr.com. It’s still in beta (geek plus point) but it does everything you think it should just the way it oughta.


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