Applications for secure syndication

I have been asked for more specific information about our requirements for secure syndication. There are a couple of things we would like to do straight away.

I work for an investment bank, in the corporate finance division. We are not allowed to divulge information about the transactions we are working on to other employees of the bank, on pain of severe fines, damage to reputation, loss of license etc. We have to demonstrate that we are taking precautions to enforce these “chinese walls”. Our customer relationship management system is updated daily with new information about the transations we are working on. I would like these regular updates to flow into people’s news aggregators. BUT ONLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE ENTITLED TO SEE THAT INFORMATION SHOULD RECEIVE IT. We not only need to control the information flow, but been seen to be doing it in an auditable way.

The second application for this technology would be in publishing research reports for the bank’s customers. Our highly-paid research analysts need to be sure that only the people who have paid for their reports actually receive them. This means we have to absolutely identify the person who is requesting the report. If we had a news aggregator that could supply a digital certificate then we could pump out the research reports using RSS or Atom over SSL to these customers. That would be cool.


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